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About Us

We deal in import and export of various kinds of textile materials as well as dead stock. We buy all types of textiles and other industrial goods which is not of any use.

We are in this business from 2012 and we aim to save the planet by resourcing the goods to the entity that could utilize it instead. This could benefit the planet immensely as the number of landfills would be minimized.

Our job is to minimize the stress of the supplier to dispose their waste by collecting and resourcing them there by making them efficient in their own business.

Do you need to get rid of the dead stock produced by your industry? Click here to fill a form as a first step to collaborate with us.


What we do:

  • We pick the goods from your warehouse and take the responsibilities of all expense associated with trucking and other export formalities. 
  • With a little help needed in loading the forty feet containers on the end of the client, we also pay for the ocean freight. 
  • Our aim is to resource one company’s undesirable product in order to be utilized by other company.
  • With a minimum requirement of goods equivalent to one 40 feet container, we make sure all the services received on the end of the client are free.
  • Partnering with multiple entities all around the world, we tend to take up similar consignments 

Our Purpose

We serve to benefit humanity and nature while humans still pursue the path of constant growth.

Saving the planet

By minimizing landfills, and reducing global warming considerably

Supplier benefit

One can get rid of their by-products without having to spend money on disposal.

market benefit

It promotes global market of transporting goods using the medium of shipping

Buyer benefit

One's waste could be utilized as other's treasure and using the same there is a good go.